• cressida fitzsimons

The Diet Industry at Christmas...*retch*

Erm...how about no...

❌ No to Quick Fixes

❌ No to fad Christmas diets

❌ No to believing my body isn't already 'ready' for whatever the f**k I want to wear

❌ No to believing quick weight loss is an appropriate 'gift'

❌ No to believing old me isn't FLY AF regardless of my size, lumps, bumps or cellulite

❌ No to 'staying on track,' 'falling off the wagon,' 'being good,' 'being naughty,' or any other language that places a moral value or inane sense of achievement/failure on my food choices.

If you want to be mindful of your food choices, habits and activity over the festive season, great! You do you!

But don't buy into this cookie cutter Fitness Industry jargon ✌️🎤

Put on your diddly bobbers, christmas jumper and jingle those bells straight over to the mince pies you sexy Mrs Claus 🤶


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