• cressida fitzsimons

The 9 Foundations of Success

Don't worry if you don't do all of these everyday just yet. Just pick 1 to work on today and build up! My favourite are 1 & 7&9 😘

🚶‍♀️Walk: Aim for the NHS recommendation of 10,000 steps a day. NEAT activity (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is any activity you do during the day that isn't planned, structured exercise. It's the MOST important type of movement if you're trying to illicit body composition changes. (More on that another time!) It's also great for supporting overall mental & physical health.

😴Sleep: The average adult needs 8hrs sleep a night. Poor sleep can result in low mood, irritability, weight gain, stress, an increased appetite, lower sex drive, poor cognitive function & an increased risk of various diseases. Ultimately, your bed is your friend! 😉

💦Water: Good ol' H20 - drink it! Work out how much your body needs by multiplying your weight in kilos by 28 and drink this total in ml! Or just go with the simple adage 8 glasses a day. Not having enough water can make you feel less productive, fatigued, hungry & you might notice poor mental performance too.

🍏🥕Fruit & Veg: Aim to get lots of the straight from the earth, leafy green, rainbow coloured & fibrous stuff! Eating a varied range of fruit & veg will keep you dosed up on all the vital vitamins & minerals your body needs for optimal function.

💃Move: Go the gym, dance in the kitchen, run around with the kids, run, kite flying, do whatever type of movement you ❤️ & do it often. Exercise reduces stress as well as your risk of various cardiovascular & metabolic diseases AND it can improve your memory, mood, creativity & confidence.

❤️You Time: Make it. Take it. Do it.

💭Reflect: Be self aware. Know your triggers & habits, know the environments, people, situations, moods & experiences that make sticking to your goals harder. Set weekly goals & make time to be grateful.

🧘Stretch: It's surprising how much everyday life, let alone exercise, leaves you feeling tight & sore. Take 5mins a day to stretch.

💆Rest: Give yourself a break! Be flexible with your goals. Being 'all or nothing' in life is a recipe for failure!


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