• cressida fitzsimons

The 101 on Fat Loss

IF fat loss is a goal, you want to be doing these 6 things. It's worth noting that if fat loss is not a goal, ALL but the Calorie Deficit are still key for a healthy body.

✅ Calorie Deficit

The most important of the six, you must be in a calorie deficit to lose fat. A crude way of working out the calories you want to be on could look something like this:

1. Find out your current calorie intake to maintain current weight:

Men = (weight in lbs x 15/16)

Women = (weight in lbs x 14/15)

2. Minus 10-25% to reach a deficit.

✅ Activity

Walk 8-10k steps a day. Don't underestimate the power of movement. People often OVERESTIMATE how much they do.

✅ Protein & Veggies

Eat Protein at every meal to curb hunger (protein takes longer to digest) and prevent muscle mass loss while in a deficit. Eat a variety of vegetables and plenty of them to ensure you're getting a range of micronutrients. Limit snacks but include your favourite stuff in moderation - long term adherence is better then short term perfection followed by a doughnut binge! Restriction & Restraint are two different things. Show restraint.

✅ Strength Training

Strength train to maintain muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest!

✅ Sleep

Get at least 8hrs quality sleep each night to ensure your body is rested and able to recover. Lack of sleep can lead to increased appetite and cravings and reduced impulse control.

✅ Consistency

Be consistent. Be patient. Be self compassionate when you make poor choices and quickly (next meal/next day not next week/ next month) recover from errors.



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