• cressida fitzsimons

Should I go Keto?!

Let's take an unbiased look at the pros & cons...

✅ Pro 1: Keto diets are better at burning fat. Yes. But, wait, let's look into that a little more....By depriving your body of carbohydrates, you force it to use the macronutrient, fat, and increase fat oxidation for energy. What this doesn't mean however, is that you lose more body fat. Fat loss always comes down to the fundamental equation in nutrition: calories in Vs calories out. Where calories are matched, keto diets have no advantage over any other diet.

✅ Pro 2: The 'rules' are reasonably easy to understand & follow. Just limit/ don't eat carbohydrates & for some people, 1 simple rule can feel easier then several.

✅ Pro 3: A ⬆️ protein & ⬆️ fat diet is really satiating & leaves you feeling full & satisfied. Protein takes longer to digest in the stomach & helps to reduce muscle mass loss while you're dieting. Fat adds that 'mouth feel' and 'umami.'

✅ Pro 4: Some people have reported feeling less hungry while on this diet. Most likely due to the things mentioned in Pro 3.

❌ Con 1: Keto, for a lot of people, is hard stick to long term & there is zero science out there to explore it's long term effects for this reason.

❌ Con 2: It takes 10-15days to set up (get into ketosis).

❌ Con 3: Many report symptoms such as brain fog & low energy levels in the set up.


❌ Con 5: It's hard to have a social life on keto. You can't drink & it's much harder to eat out.

❌ Con 6: Muscles 'look' less beefy & showy on keto due to reduced stored glycogen & water in the muscles.

❌ Con 7: It can impact training performance.

There you have it! I personally wouldn't use this diet or recommend it to my clients. Ultimately for our goals & for long term, sustainable success where we don't have to feel like we live on a diet, it wouldn't be appropriate & we all LOVE CARBS, right? But, for those individuals who want to use it, thrive on it & love it - Great. Good for you! The best diet is the diet you can stick to, succeed at your goals & feel happy & that is different for everyone 👍❤️

If you don't ❤️ carbs tho, we can't be friends & you should leave now...😊



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