• cressida fitzsimons

#Real Bodies Rebel

Golly Gee Wilickers Batman! We've rebranded!

It's true, we're going through changes (and if you didn't sing that in Ozzy Osbourne's voice then who even are you?)

Kent Buns 'N' Guns (in name) is no more and Cressida, The Real Bodies Coach is (A)LIVE!

But why I hear you cry?!


I can't lie, it was a hard decision. I spent a long time deciding what my business name would be when I started out in the world of entrepreneurship and went for something that reflected my industry, my location and my personality (bunny is my nickname, hence 'buns' 😉).

BUT increasingly, it was becoming clear to me that this name no longer reflected what I was about (and realistically, never did!)

You see..

1. Some people totally didn't get what Buns 'N' Guns meant (genuinely never heard of the phrase...) and some people did - and didn't train with me because it gave the impression of a different 'type' of coach (body physique?!) and set of beliefs. Of course every type of coach has their place in the industry and this would be quickly remedied when they met this pizza loving zealot but nonetheless...

2. My skills and knowledge base has developed. I completed my Nutrition certification with the BTN Academy last November and was awarded a 'Distinction'. I've been working with clients for 2years and I continue to study every week under LiftTheBar to keep up to date with current research and practice. Kent Buns 'N' Guns just didn't do justice to all my services or the breadth of my values. My new name reflects my passion for the 'real.' In an industry saturated with charlatans, people looking to make a quick buck or impressionable dogmatics, The Real Bodies coach is about evidence based practice.

3. I love 'real bodies!' Enough demonising rolls, wiggly bits and jiggly bobs! The industry thrives on guilt tripping our food choices, shaming our bodies and dictating our clothing choices and I say enough! It's OK to not want a six pack. You shouldn't want a thigh gap. Exercise is fun and guac is life! Some of us don't have time to workout 24/7 and more importantly, most of us don't want to! We want to live in the real world. Real Bodies (which of course is every body) is about realistic goals that fit the optimal choices with the actionable. It's about health beyond aesthetics, self love, body positivity and just owning that thang!

4. I was hiding behind the old name. I never put up pictures of myself and tried to take as much of 'me' out of the business as I could. I was scared to put myself out there and while, I'm by no means confident now, I feel braver! It was silly to try to take myself out of it....Ultimately, you have to like me to be coached by me! My business is me! If you don't buy into my philosophy, my training programmes, my personality, puns, tiny dances or singing during the ~3hours you spend with me a week, I'm probably not the coach for you!

So, what's changing?!

NOTHING: Sessions won't be affected and I'll continue to provide the same (awesome 😉) service to all my clients with the only provision being that I'm going to continue to learn and hopefully get better and better for you guys!

EVERYTHING: I'll be focusing in more on my key demographic - the ladies - and hope to develop packages more focused on female health! I won't be turning away male clients (and will continue to train sons, husband's, punching bags, etc in individual and pair sessions) just focusing in more on the chicks!

Soooo..... after 2 and a bit years of 'dating', it's clear my business, knowledge, values and beliefs have outgrown my old name! Essentially, she's wifey material and it's silly to pretend we're anything but exclusive now so, it's time to give her my name and get serious! ❤️


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