• cressida fitzsimons

What to expect: Initial Consultation with Kent Buns ‘N’ Guns

1. A Big Smile!

Whether you come to my house, we meet at yours or a local cafe, expect a smile! I’m a friendly gal! I’m here to help you achieve your goals and ultimately I want you to feel comfortable to be yourself, share your goals, successes and failures with me. If you come to my house, I’ll offer you a drink; tea, coffee, water, etc (It’s not a trick question, please don’t be worried about which you choose, I’m not!) If you’re a cat person, be assured that my Maine Coons will be all over you. They’re nosy little monkeys! If not, don’t worry! I can put those little showboaters in another room. 2. Chit chat

Ok, you've got your cuppa, (possibly been assaulted by my eager cats) and we’re sitting down. It’s important we get to know each other a bit! You want to make sure I’m someone your comfortable with. you feel can help you reach your goals and don’t mind seeing a few times a week! This is where we can talk about what kind of coach I am, my training style, what a typical session looks like, your training history, lifestyle, etc. 3. Goal Setting

Hopefully by this point you’re feeling a bit more at ease! Now, let’s talk goals! Definetely spend some time thinking about these before the consultation. What do you want to achieve in the short term (the next week or two), the medium term (the next month) and the long term (the next 3months +). I’ll help you with these if you’re unsure. We’ll refine your goals together making sure they are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed), process rather then outcome focused and importantly, that you want them for the right reasons! 4. Paperwork

Don’t worry, there’s not lots! I’ll give you a PARQ (Pre-activity Readiness Questionnaire) to fill out. This is just to make sure that you are safe to exercise and there’s no reason why I couldn’t train you. If, for whatever reason, there is something on this form that would suggest I can’t, I’ll refer you to the Dr to check OR to another professional who I know and trust, who has the relevant qualifications to help you. Then I’ll get you to fill in a Lifestyle Questionnaire, looking at your sleep, alcohol consumption, occupation, etc. All the things that could effect your training and ability to reach your goals. 5. Measurements

If you’re happy so far, we’ll take your measurements! I’ll use a measuring tape to measure your chest, waist, hips, thighs and arms and we’ll weigh you as well. This gives us a measure of your progress. It’s not the only one, we’ll also do fitness tests, progress pictures and see improvements in your performance, cardiovascular and respiratory health.

6. Homework

To finish, we’ll set up the time and day for your first PT session and I’ll give you a wee bit of homework (I was a teacher in a past life after all!) Your homework is simple: join the Facebook group, to share your experiences and journey with other clients (read: victims), complete a food diary for a week so that I can advise you and get going on your short term goals!


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