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Imperfect #Insta Inspo

Jello July! :)

This month I asked a friend I follow on Instagram to write a guest blog. By friend, I mean, someone I’ve never met, whose breakfasts I know by heart, whose pizzas I salivate over AND someone who I have stalked meticulously for the last year. Friend…

Hannah, of @hansfitlife, is someone I’ve followed for so long because she’s just so real. She works out hard, eats well, eats pizza (I’m sold!) and has days that she can’t be bothered to be a fitness warrior. She’s the imperfect inspiration in a virtual world of perfection, abs and broccoli. To me, she’s the epiphany of balance.

How could I not ask this ambassador of Dominos and Deadlifts to write a blog for me. I’m just pleased she said yes…

I hated P.E at school. University was no different.

I tried a few classes and went along to a boxing club with some friends but nothing stuck. I remember being asked to run in a warm up. Run?! I promptly left (a meandering jog might I add!) and that about sums up my commitment at the time…

But, even with that being the case, I never felt totally comfortable in my body – I still don’t – it takes a lot of self-love, balanced living and the occasional reminder from loved ones that I’m perfectly ok just as I am. I’m human!

After university and in a bid to feel better in my body, I found some classes that I really enjoyed. But I quickly found myself falling toward the other end of the health and fitness spectrum, from nonchalance to obsession. I would go to as many classes as humanly possible each night (sometimes not humanely!) six days a week. It had turned into a calorie burning obsession rather than something that I enjoyed. Punishment for everything that I ate. A ridiculous cycle of binge-fast spiralled from there and unsurprisingly, I didn’t make headway with the physical changes I wanted. Psychologically, I was left feeling exhausted and miserable!

I was at the gym so much that I was lucky enough to become friends with one of the coaches and this was the real turning point in my journey. He got me looking at fitness differently. Doing different exercises, using new equipment and having fun with my training! I learnt about flexible dieting and voila, changes started happening! I got fitter, stronger and more toned with every passing week.

I started to set myself fitness goals that I would never have dreamt of in the past: a half marathon, a CrossFit competition, a Tough Mudder with my PT! It was through all of this that I met my other half and partner in crime! Who would have thought looking back to my school days?

Now, I get out of bed at 5:30am every morning because I love to start my day with training! It makes me feel absolutely epic and ready to face the day. It’s cliché but find something that you’re passionate about and it’ll make you want to jump out of bed in the morning! It doesn’t mean I go to the gym everyday and my diet still isn’t great all of the time. My boyfriend and I are “comfortable” and can be bad influences on each other but we try. I’m healthier but more importantly – HAPPY!

It’s so easy to fall into bad habits when it comes to food and exercise. Whether that means yo-yoing from obsessive to destructive behaviours or getting trapped in the “Spiral of Defeatist Dieting Doom.” (If you didn’t read that while donning a booming Brian Blessed voice then go back and repeat.) (It’s fun isn’t it??)

It’s why I think it’s so important to have realistic, REAL and flawed role models. They inspire while also being incredibly HUMAN. It forces you to reconsider an “All or Nothing” mentality that can be so damaging to your physical progress and mental health.

It’s OK for the case to be:

I work out AND I skip the gym sometimes.

I get up early AND sometimes I sleep in.

I celebrate myself (and maybe self-deprecate more then I should.)

I meditate and stretch AND sometimes I could throttle my BF for leaving his socks on the floor for the umpteenth time (seriously??)

I eat broccoli AND I eat dominos.

I’m not perfect.

But I am perfectly human.

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