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I am not the sum of my health & fitness journey!

I am not the sum of my Health & Fitness journey

It's so easy to get caught up on the wrong numbers & judge myself based on them - week in week out.

How many calories did I eat today? How much do I weigh? What dress size are you now? How many times do you go to the gym this week? How much can you lift? Did you get enough steps? How many hours sleep did you get? And on and on she goes...

I'm not saying that these aren't valid questions that we should ask ourselves (maybe) or that our coaches should be asking. It's just, I find myself asking these questions (to myself) with a snarky voice and a judgemental tone far too often. Cue the Intensive Care Bear meme... I hear my answers to these questions and ICB me screams 'Excuses!' when they're not right and slams the pipe threateningly into her fists. (She's a bit of a bitch to be fair...)

Intensive Care Bear me forgets that these are important questions and absolutely things I should reflect on and work on BUT they are just ONE element of my life. I didn't fall into a hole and stop working on me and my life the weeks I didn't have good enough answers!

I just worked on other parts of me.

I worked on my Degree. My Post Grad. My Family. My Partner. Reading. Drawing. Laughing. CPD. Work. Playing. Relaxing. Cooking. Sex. Gaming. Cleaning. Just living and enjoying life!

My life is not the sum of my health and fitness journey.

Yours shouldn't be either. If you need a hand dealing with your Intensive Care Bear persona, get in touch with a Coach that has a life outside chick'n and gym'n 👍❤️

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