• cressida fitzsimons

Christmas is for CHEESE not DIETS!

It's the time of year when warming, comfort foods and scrummy snacks are everywhere. When we feed our stomachs and our souls with family around a dinner table, friends at a bar or alone, at home, in front of the fire ❤️

I LOVE this time of year! 🎄☃️😍

I love hot chocolates in the evening, Christmas movies, board games and snacks with the family, drinks with friends, roast dinners, hearty stews, mince pies and CHEESE boards (of course!) .

What I don't love, is the fitness industry bombarding my newsfeed with messages along the lines of:

'How to lose to stone by Christmas!'

'The Little Black Dress Diet'

'New Year New You'

'Why go 'off track' for 3 meals this season?'

'How many calories are in a mince pie & how to 'earn it ' or 'burn it off'

Blah blah blah blah blah

And to be clear, it's ok if you personally want to lose weight, get fitter, make choices that are better for your wellbeing, educate yourself on the nutritional value of your food, etc.

BUT, I find so many of this messages are put out there to chastise, bully and shame us. To assign guilt around our choices and our bodies at a time that is supposed to be about love, sharing, giving, family, friends and yes, eating! God forbid...They are often short term, extreme and unhealthy solutions you didn't ask for.

So, it's at this time of year, I feel the need to put my two pence piece in...

You don't have to go on a diet this Christmas! Enjoy your food, eat mince pies and have fun!

And I don't mean it in the 'You can punish yourself in January!' kind of way either...

I won't be dieting and I won't be punishing myself in the New Year.

The human body is not a static, unmoving thing. Our weight is supposed to fluctuate and if I put on a couple of pounds over the Christmas season while I enjoy everything the season has to bring - so be it! Seriously, why does it matter that much?

What I will do is try to keep up healthy habits, like walking plenty, getting my fruit, veg and water in. Exercising, sleeping and relaxing! Oh, and eating a wealth of cheese! 🐭🧀


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