• cressida fitzsimons

But, what fats should I be eating?!

Let's talk Dietary Fats....

🐟 Polyunsaturated Fats (PUFA) & Omega 3🌰

Found in Oats, Grains, Condiments like Mayo and Vegetable Oils. (Omega 3 is a type of PUFA too & is found in Algae & Fish) PUFA's aid in keeping blood lipid levels in check, inflammation reduction, improving mood & muscle protein synthesis.

🧀 Saturated Fats 🧀

Found in Dairy Products, Animal Products (like Beef) Exotic Oils & many Baked Goods. Saturated Fats help liver function, immunity, tissue & muscle repair, sexual function & bone & lung health. As well as this it helps heart health with an improved cholesterol ratio.

🥑 Monounsaturated Fats 🥑

Found in Olive Oils, a variety of Nuts, Nut Butters & Avocados. Monounsaturated Fats aid in keeping blood lipid levels in check, preventing cardiovascular diseases & providing various nutrients, like vitamin E.

🍕Trans Fats 🍕

Found in some fast foods, cakes, biscuits etc. Trans fats are predominantly in foods where the manufacturer wants to increase shelf life and flavour stability. These are artificially created fats that the body struggles to break down. They're generally considered negative & a risk to cardiovascular health. All UK retailers stopped using these in 2008 but suppliers across Europe & the US have not.

🤔 Take aways?! 🤔

Well, this is all great to know but...

People don't eat nutrients. They eat food. And it would be far too simple to say that any food type contains ONLY 1 set of useful fatty acids - Most foods will contain a combination of different types.

Ultimately, it would be unnecessary & futile to obsess over the exact percentage of your diet coming from specific fatty acids. In the same way it would be insane to count the exact carbohydrates coming from starch, fructose, other sugars, etc. .

So what should you do?

1️⃣ Pay attention to the overall make-up of your diet not individual items or food groups.

2️⃣ Aim to get dietary fat from a range of sources.

3️⃣ Limit consumption of items containing trans-fat



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