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What's the deal with Sugar and Weight loss?

⭐️ What’s the deal with Sugar and Weight Loss? ⭐️

🍭 What is Sugar? 🍭 Sugars are a group of molecules that fit under the title “carbohydrates.” They are what all carbohydrates (barring insoluble fibre) are broken down into when metabolised by the body - irregardless of whether they came from a stem of broccoli or a bag of Cheetos! Long chain molecules (such as what you’d find in potatoes, rice, etc) take longer to be converted into simpler sugars in the body whilst shorter chain molecules (such as what you’d find in most processed foods) won’t take long at all - they’re already pretty simple! 🍪 Is sugar consumption the cause of metabolic dysfunction or cardiovascular illness? 🍪 The short answer is no. Sugar is not the boogeyman of the nutrition world or at least it shouldn’t be. Current scientific studies do not find sugar consumption to be the route cause of poor metabolic or cardiovascular health. But then there’s the long answer... That's not to say sugar doesn’t play a role eventually BUT a few things have to happen first, namely, these things only occur where there is also: 1️⃣An excess of Calories 2️⃣Obesity 3️⃣Little to no Exercise 🍫 Is sugar consumption the cause of obesity? 🍫 Again the short answer is no. Various systematic reviews and meta analysis over the last 10+ years have confirmed that where calories were equal, sugar intake did not impact body fat. Ultimately, the science shows that calories are king when it comes to weight management. Some things to consider though....Sugar tastes good. AND, it tends to be in foods that are hyper-palatable and energy dense! Individual human variance will mean some people find it harder to not overeat foods which taste amazing while others will push away the dessert plate with no difficulty at all. This will be the result of genetic differences as well as behavioural, habitual, societal, environmental and personal preference among other things. It’s for this reason too, that trying to cut sugar out completely could create an unhealthy relationship with food, binges cycles and yo-yo dieting. 🍰 I lost weight when I cut sugar though? 🍰 Fab! If that was your goal and you were happy and able to sustain that lifestyle! It wasn’t because of the absence of sugar however that you achieved your weight loss goal. Cutting sugar out of your diet will inevitably see you cutting a lot of highly processed, hyper-palatable foods and as such - calories! On top of this, reducing your carbohydrate intake will also reduce the amount of water your body is retaining. For each gram of carbohydrate your body stores, it’ll also store ~4g of water. 🍿But I heard somewhere that sugar interferes with my Leptin levels? 🍿 Leptin is the hormone that is released to regulate energy balance. It inhibits hunger. The important thing to remember here is Leptin doesn’t control appetite completely. It controls hunger. And hunger isn’t the only reason people eat! People eat because of social norms, cultural norms, for comfort, out of habit, due to package sizes, convenience, portion size, health halo myths, etc. It would be a massive oversight to blame sugar for all these things! 🍩 What’s your point? 🍩 The point is, sugar isn’t bad. It’s not a demonic, cunning cube out to get you. It’s not going to cause obesity, weight gain, metabolic or any other illness by itself. If you want to cut sugar out of your diet, go for it, but at the same time, don’t feel you have to to live a healthy life. It makes sense to consume sugar in moderation. To focus your diet on whole, nutrient rich foods because sugar isn’t a “health food” but it’s the the root of all evil either.

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