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Aunt Flo, PMS and Weight Management

💁🏻‍♀️🚺Your Menstrual Cycle & Weight Management 🚺💁🏻‍♀️ Despite it still being a taboo subject, understanding Aunt Flo is SO important! The crimson wave is a highly individual experience with lengths (between cycles and during menses), symptoms, energy levels, appetite, performance, methods of contraception and cravings differing between women and even month to month! So let’s take a brief look into how The Red Wedding affects your body and what you can do about it... PART ONE OF A SERIES: 🦈 PMS 🦈 “I’m fine. I hate you. I love you. I want ice-cream. Oranges?” Though often joked about, Pre-Menstrual Symptoms are something you and your coach should be taking seriously. Over 150 different symptoms have been noted in literature and they may start 1-2 weeks before menses. Symptoms range from tiredness and bloating to constipation and cravings. The causes of PMS aren’t completely clear yet, research has considered inflammation, nutritional deficiencies & changes in neurotransmitters & diet. 🧐 So How can you work with & reduce them? 🧐

✅ Adapt Exercise & Movement: The type & intensity should be highly individual. If you suffer with severe cramps, pain & bloating, it may be wise to reduce complex or loading exercises that rely on core stability as it may lessen the function of your deep muscles, core and pelvis.

✅ Up Anti-Inflammatory Foods such as pineapple, olive oil, fish, nuts and leafy greens.

✅ Increase Magnesium Intake: Chocolate cravings have been linked to magnesium deficiency and studies have shown a chocolate craving can’t be satiated by other foods, making space in your diet for a bit of dark chocolate could go a long way in terms of keeping you on track long term.

✅ Be more Flexible & Compassionate with yourself: Work with your Nutrition Coach to plan for cravings & consider including some ‘craved for’ foods in your diet plan. Understand that it’s completely natural to have them from a physiological level and we can work on & with them on a social/ cultural/ habitual level.

✅ Increase Fibrous foods such as whole grain bread, wholewheat pasta, veg and fruit to alleviate GI/ constipation issues.

✅ Reduce sodium & consider lowering carbohydrates 1-2wks before menses to help alleviate the bloat.

✅ Find Mindfulness or other relaxing activities to help you deal with the numerous other symptoms you may have! Lastly and most importantly... ✅ TRACK YOUR CYCLE. TRACK YOUR SYMPTOMS. GET TO KNOW YOUR SHARK WEEK INTIMATELY ❤️😘

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