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Alcohol Consumption & Weight Loss

⭐️ Alcohol & Weight Loss ⭐️

Weight loss is all about calories in vs calories out. You need to burn more then you consume & reducing your alcohol consumption could be key to this process. That doesn’t mean you need to cut alcohol out entirely! Most of us are looking at creating a BALANCED and SUSTAINABLE approach to our health & not to be athletes, right? (Plus, there are numerous studies to show a glass of tipple here & there can actually benefit health! 😉) BUT, it does mean we should be aware of alcohol; it’s nutritional make up, effects, the UK guidelines & advise on how to consume it as part of a healthy lifestyle. So, here we go! ✅ Guidelines ✅ The UK Guidelines recommend we drink no more then 14units a week & if we’re having this regularly, we should be spreading that evenly between 3 or more days. We should also be having alcohol-free days. Essentially, 1-2 drinks, spread across 3-4 days of the week. 🎨 Nutritional Make Up 🎨 Alcohol = 7 calories per gram NOT including any carbohydrates added in, such as in wine or mixers. 🤔 Effects 🤔 ⬆️ Appetite & Food Consumption: You’ll be hungrier AND if you’re finding your diet tough, studies show you may be more likely to “fall off the wagon.” ⬇️ Inhibitions: You might reach for that bag of crisps, order a kebab or drink more alcohol then planned. ⬆️ Dopamine Secretion: You’ll get a greater sense of “reward” and satisfaction from those hyper palatable foods you turn to & head in for more! ⬇️ Performance & Recovery: Hung over you is not going to perform well in your training! If you drink heavily after a workout, you’ll also impair your body’s ability to recover. ✌🏼 Advice ✌🏼 1️⃣ Make space for alcohol calories by reducing your calorie intake during the day. 2️⃣ If you are easily tempted by hyper palatable foods, consider cutting back on alcohol during dieting phases. 3️⃣ Don’t drink heavily on training days. 4️⃣ Plan food for after a night out & for the following day to prevent over-consumption. 5️⃣ Consume plenty of 🍗 , 🥦 & 💦 the day after a drink. 6️⃣ Make wee changes to your drink choices: singles not doubles, diet mixers, weaker %, water/soft drinks between alcoholic ones.

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