• cressida fitzsimons

Are you talking yourself out of better wellbeing?

Hello Blogosphere! ☺️

I’ve been pretty radio-silent on here of late (soon to be rectified!) but that doesn’t mean amazing things haven’t been going on in Buns ‘N’ Guns Headquarters! More to come on that front later though...

In the meantime, Twinkl, home of all things primary, glitter, colour and jazz - basically every Teacher’s wet dream - has kindly posted another Guest Blog from yours truly!

This blog followed a talk I was lucky enough to give at a North London primary school and focuses on “Unhelpful Thinking styles.” Definitely CHECK IT OUT if you want to understand a bit more about how your mindset could be holding you back! The post itself is focused on Wellbeing but could be equally relevant for any of your training, health or nutrition goals among many, many others!

So with that said, you up can find the blog here: “Are You Talking Yourself Out of Better Wellbeing?”

You can also check out a previous blog post of mine featured on Twinkl here: “Top Tips: How To Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule"

Until next time...

Ciao Chickas! 😘



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