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Confessions of a Buns 'N' Guns Client

Howdy Guys,

This month. I wanted to give you an idea of what a Personal Training session looks like with Kent Buns 'N' Guns. I think a lot of people hear the words "Personal Training" and imagine a massive, scary ex-army drill sergeant - and to be fair, for some people that is exactly the kind of trainer they want and need.

It takes less then 2 seconds to realise that I'm just not going to be that trainer!

That's not to say I can't kick butt if I need to and if that's what that client responds to - but it's personal to that client.

But instead of me rambling about what a session looks like with me from my deluded perspective, I decided it would be much more enlightening for you to hear from one of my lovely clients.

So grab a cuppa,take a seat and here is Tyler with her take on PT with Kent Buns 'N' Guns...

*I can assure you that no burpees, thrusters or [insert other disgusting movement] were threatened upon asking for this fantastic blog......nor were their absence promised in future sessions.....

Hi Guys,

Cressida has asked me to write a little something about what a standard PT session looks like and given that she’s the one in charge of my twice weekly torment I felt it would be foolish to refuse.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to let you all know a little about myself before I elaborate on the content of my, or should I say our, PT sessions. You see I don’t train alone, my long-suffering husband, Darren, and I train together, I’m sure this team effort is supposed to be motivational, you know by introducing an element of competition but mostly it involves me having to choose between hating him or being proud of him for being so much better than me! Irrespective I don’t think I would have felt confident enough to go at it alone so having him there is helpful if only for a bit of moral support.

Anyways as I mentioned Darren has been long suffering, we have been together for about 15 years now, throughout this time we have tried all sorts of things to lose weight and get fitter, all of which have ended in the what seemed like an inevitable crash and burn. I’m sure no one will be surprised to learn that this cycle always led to us ultimately being a little less fit and a little more fat at the end of it.

So, what’s changed? Well we moved away from London into a beautiful little village, however despite wanting to join in with all the local walks, DIY the house needed and generally play with our niece and nephew, my overall health was poor and whatever was left of it had quickly been destroyed by my recent dose of pneumonia. Darren, although still very capable was also becoming increasingly concerned about his fitness level and the speed with which his ‘heart attack’ belly was growing. Staring at 30 this year I knew we had to do something, so initially we talked about joining a gym, I know, I know, it works for some people and that’s great for them but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that we had done that before, nothing makes us actually go and ultimately we just end up tied into a contract for something we are not using, it seemed like a waste of money. Then I saw Cressida’s post on my local village page and after looking on her website and chatting to her I was encouraged to learn that she herself had had weight issues that she had managed to overcome and unlike the image of a personal trainer in my head she seemed friendly and approachable.

Most importantly for me, Cressida is almost exactly the right amount of pushy, I know that sounds odd but having heard how other trainers sometimes talk to their clients and having this atypical image of some daunting buff bully PE teacher, I am so pleased that Cressida is not one of those trainers. I am sure that tough love works on lots of people but I am not one of them, I would be far more inclined to say something very unladylike like and leave, so I am very glad to report that I have never felt that way around Cressida. Don’t get me wrong she makes me do things that I am otherwise disinclined to do, I feel I should clarify that I am referring to exercise! But she never makes me feel ‘small’ or bullied if that makes sense, in fact quite the opposite!

So, finally, what does an average session look like? Well I think it’s a difficult definition, I have an annoyingly good memory but even I can’t second guess what we will be doing in any given session. We always meet Cressida at the small Gym in Hythe that she uses for PT, usually our sessions are between 8pm and 9pm as we both work, and to be honest I think I prefer working out at night. The sessions start by us warming up, this might include Darren and I fighting over either the rower or the treadmill, depending on how we feel, or we might actually fight using the punch bag, currently our only form of marriage counselling and it works quite nicely! This might go on for five minutes or so, hard to say, I think Cressida waits until we are flush and gross to let us stop. Then we might get up and down off the floor a few times or do some stretches, this is normally dependent upon what current ailment my beloved husband has decided to moan about, so for instance if his leg is sore we might stretch out our legs more etc.

Again, its hard to predict what comes next but essentially there are two segments resistance and cardio, or as I like to refer to them the ‘okay bit’ and the ‘omg why me’ bit. Or sometimes, if she’s feeling particularly villainous, she might combine them into one long 40 minutes or so of torture. Either way in both segments we do exercises that I have heard of but never thought to actually do or things that I just didn’t even know existed, Kettle Bell work, Burpees, Lunges, Squats, Ring-rows, Push-ups for cardio and lots of cool resistance things, where you get to pretend that you are some sort of Olympic weight lifter, when she teaches you all the cool ones that really look the part. I would have never thought about lifting weights before and I certainly have no desire to have a masculine looking body, great for those that like it but its just not my flavour. However, it turns out that to lift weights you need to be pretty flexible and so its nice to push your body into what might at first seem like some pretty unnatural positions.

Although I can see that the cardio bit is important I don’t find it that fun, my lung capacity isn’t great and despite Cressida's encouragement and the fact that it is getting easier as my fitness increases, it is still a drag, hence between my gasps for air you will often hear me call Cressida an evil witch for her troubles, not something she deserves really, but at the time it feels right! I try to focus on the fact it will be over soon, maybe that’s bad but it’s the truth and the harsh reality is - I need it, my body needs it and without Cressida there is just no way I would be doing it, gym membership or not!

You see the cardio bit tends to remind me of how far I’ve got to go but the resistance stuff helps to show me how far I’ve come, obviously I am not lifting Olympic weights but I am lifting with ease things I could barely get off the ground 4 months ago, it makes me feel strong and capable and that’s nice. I suppose having a good balance between the two activities evens out the torture, and I certainly feel better in myself for it.

I should say that I don’t have much luck losing weight, I’m absolutely brilliant at putting in on but losing it seems to be a much more trialling process. I have an ovary condition called PCOS and this is just one of its most annoying features, hence I haven’t really dropped the pounds like I would have liked to but what I also haven’t done, which is different to any previous attempts I’ve made to improve my health, is give up. I am eating healthier (thanks to some brilliant nutritional advice from Cressida), I have more energy and I have started to be able to do things that would have exhausted me 4 months ago (like running around with my nephew or shopping till you drop with my mother). I know to lots of people that will seem like a pretty mild accomplishment but watch this space, because my husband and I have little interest in giving up so who knows what’s next with Cressida’s help, I might even wear shorts!

In addition, I think it’s worth noting that all the way along this Cressida has paid attention to the activities we enjoy and the ones we hate, so she will always design our program to be buffered with things we like (or in cardio’s case, can put up with) whilst still getting us to do the things we hate (insert appropriate witch comment here). She has listened to our goals and focused on what we want to get out of the sessions and so I can say with all confidence that if you happen to have forgotten about your body for the last 10 years, give Cressida a call she can help you, or if you happen to be training for the marathon, give Cressida a call she can help you too!


So there it is! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did!

Feel free to get in contact if you're feeling motivated and ready for a change!



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