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Trying to be a Body Positive Biatch

Happy Easter Chicks! 🐣 I’ve had this blog idea rattling around in my head for a while now and the truth is, I was just too scared to do it. I still am scared of people judging or being mean but I shouldn’t be. People shouldn’t judge, bitch or be mean and if they do, well, they’re not very nice people and certainly not the kind I want in my life! So, recently, I started getting Psoriasis. It spread pretty quickly from my chest down my body, back, neck, tummy, everywhere! It was sore, itchy and a quick knock on my confidence. I didn’t want to feel bad about it, I wanted people to understand what was going on with my skin and I wanted to show I could be confident regardless. I turned around to my (long suffering) other half and said: “I almost want to take pictures of me in a sports bra and trousers to show people that it doesn’t affect me, that I can still be pretty and blah, but I don’t want to show my tummy or how chubby I’m looking atm.” To which my oh so wise boyfriend replied: “Isn’t it bad that you want to show off your confidence with Psoriasis, an actual skin condition and physical abnormality BUT you don’t want to show your perfectly healthy, normal and strong body?!” HOLY MOLEY?! He was right (as god damn always...🙄). Why the hell was I feeling confident about Psoriasis but terrified of showing my healthy body?! It’s wrong we put such high expectations on ourselves and our bodies. My body does so much for me and realistically, I’m lucky, right? I have all my senses, I can walk, run, lift heavy, touch my toes, blah blah blah. I mean my skin even decided that regenerating every 28 days wasn’t quick enough and wanted to go for a record every 3 days! With the exception that I’m overtly clumsy, have wonky eyes and have the shortest tongue in the world, my body is in it for the win when it comes to “perfectly normal.” Why am I putting so much pressure on myself to be “perfect” then? I don’t need a six pack to be healthy. I don’t need a flat tummy to be strong. I don’t need defined abs to be fit and I certainly don’t need any of the above to be an awesome personal trainer. My little power pouch suits me fine and there was a time, a long time ago, I would have died for my size 10 power pouch and booty so fuck it if it doesn’t suit everyone! Yes, sometimes I eat too much, I skip the gym and I hibernate in fluffy socks with fizzy sweets, my pussycats in my face and Harry Potter on repeat. I’m human. I’m allowed to be human and a Personal Trainer and have a perfectly normal, power pouch and curvy body. I lift heavy 3x a week and go to the gym in between. I eat well most of the time and have occasional treats. I study nutrition every week and regularly read studies, research, write and draw to keep my industry knowledge up to date. My body is healthy and I live a balanced lifestyle and that’s what I want to promote in my business - health and balance. Not abs, chicken, broccoli and mental anguish! So, this is me, post Potter day and mid shark week. Sometimes I look leaner, sometimes I don’t. What do I look like? I look like a perfectly healthy, strong (Dare I say sexy?! No, no, too far!! 🙈) 21st fucking century woman.

So, this Easter enjoy your eggs, rest and relax. I will! 😊 *You’re also welcome to take a page out of my book and dance like a wacky, waving inflatable tube man in between any pictures you take..or just for shits and giggles..✌🏼

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