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Fear and Learning in Northampton

Kon’nichiwa lovely’s!

No, I haven’t been to Japan recently, but I have spent my weekend immersed in kaizen. If your not sure what this means, (Don’t worry, I didn’t before now!) it means continuous improvement. I was lucky enough to win tickets to The Kaizen Project in Northampton and rub shoulders with celebrities such as (seriously licking distance of...) Ben Coomber, Tom Bainbridge, Rachel France and lots more. It’s not really important if you know who these guys are, needless to say, I think they’re awesome and I can learn a lot from them.

Besides star gazing, I also got to attend some pretty amazing seminars on strength and conditioning, mindset, nutrition and business and walked away buzzing with inspiration and ideas! I could literally talk for days about all the things I learnt and enjoyed about this event BUT besides the fact that you will quickly grow bored of my rambling, there’s really not enough space. So I’ll pick a top highlight of mine: a seminar called “From fear to Impact.” I won’t do the content justice, simply by not having the soothing inflections of the oh so calming Stephen Aish but I’ll try in my more frantic and frazzled way. The seminar essentially talked about how most of us haven’t really experienced true fear. True fear, such as in the Greek myths of Medusa, is petrifying, it’s the absolute loss of ability to move or function. It doesn’t come in levels. Anything you have considered a fear then, such as going somewhere new, public speaking, trying out pt sessions (😉) etc, is really just a “wobble.” In essence, if you could do it with a shotgun to your head, you lack motivation not pluck! This really got me thinking about the power of language. By calling something a “fear” instead of a wobble, we endow it with so much power over us. By saying (or thinking) “I can’t,” “I’ll never..”, “I should”, “I must”, etc, we’re setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment just through our language because it entirely changes the way we approach a situation both mentally and physiologically! Ok, so take a moment to imagine I’m speaking in soft, dulcet tones again. How often do you as an individual partake in these unhelpful thinking patterns? I see it all the time when I’m working with clients, whether they consciously say “I can’t” or give me that distinct “WTF?!” look I get so often, they are letting that unhelpful reel of thoughts play in mind.

So the next time that Netflix thought track starts playing, try this, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, reframe your thinking, smile and know that you're going to live through what ever is in front of you. For me, this means being a bit braver with my business. I’ve been locking myself down in the fear that some people will judge, criticise or gossip about me, my ability or knowledge. Ultimately, I know who I am and I am accountable to my clients. Living in fear of criticism, is not living and ultimately, who comes out looking bad in that situation?!

Ps. I did not lick any celebrities. (My tongue is too short.. gah!)

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