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New Years Resolutions

Hello and Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! I’m posting quite late into the month and that can only mean one thing; 2018 is on my mind and my New Years Resolution is high on my priority list.

Some people really don’t care for them, I however LOVE setting resolutions for the new year. I don’t always get it right but that’s not really the point for me. It’s about reflection and intention. Looking into yourself, seeing where you’re at in your life, what else you want to achieve or do and make a promise to yourself that you’re still working in that direction. A few years ago, I set myself the resolution to have “365 Days of Happiness” which I logged in photos. Some of you oh so lucky chummies may have been bored silly with my daily posting and know what I’m talking about - so sorry! For those who didn’t see my regular posts, this Resolution didn’t mean bouncing off the walls with happy tidings every single day but just noting little things each day that made me feel good or grateful. I loved the challenge and learnt a lot about being happy and what makes me personally, happy. If you want to have a gander, the video collating all my happy moments is below :)

Back to the...present... Anyone who saw me doing this challenge, tried it themselves or read any of my posts, will know it wasn’t easy. There were days to be frank that I wanted to be miserable, didn’t want to see the good things and struggled because, well that’s life and ...being human to be fair! I recently saw a video by the wonderful Tim Minchen (the only guy with long hair and eyeliner I’ll ever find sexy bar perhaps Khal Drogo) and it really resonated with me. Minchen talks about happiness (and exercise!) and well all of it is pretty amazing so I’ll add it below for you to watch but the bit that I loved the most (and the but actually relevant to this post!) was when he talks about our dreams, he says: “I advocate passionate dedication to the pursuit of short term goals. Be micro ambitious” I love this. Don’t ya just love this?! Be micro-ambitious. That’s my aim this year... Am I going to get to go abroad next year? Probably not. See the northern lights? No. See the killer whales?! Sadly no. (Seriously tho, if you want to take me whale watching I will be forever yours! See any video of children finding out they’re going to Disneyland for an accurate representation of what would happen.) I know these things are out of my sight for the moment, I’ve just started my business and it’s unrealistic to even dream of having, let alone spending, money like this - for now. BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t have really cool and somewhat scary things to aim for, it’s just with a realistic understanding of where I am in my life at the moment. It’s about making SMART goals. So, here they are, my 52 micro ambitions for 52 week’s of the year. Some are bigger then others, some are events and some are more like intentions to make an effort to include certain things in my life. All of them are pretty frickin’ cool. Ah duh.

1. Half marathon

2. Skydive with Ryan

3. Try a new restaurant (Greek?!)

4. Get a tattoo

5. Go rollerblading

6. Stand up paddle boarding

7. Climb O2

8. Try a couple of new classes

9. Go biking

10. Go a week without social media

11. Go on a roller coaster

12. Read 12 books

13. Bake something

14. Draw 10 pictures

15. Visit new places in UK

16. Learn a new skill

17. Give blood multiple times

18. Go drinking with Mum


20. Go a week without TV

21. Learn

22. New piercing

23. Have a picnic

24. Get dressed up for a date night

25. See more extended family

26. Eat meat free for 1month

27. Complete RP challenge

28. Try a new food

29. Bullet journal

30. Build business

31. Volunteer

32. London days out

33. Blog

34. Save

35. Start to learn a language

36. See sunrise at the beach

37. Tough mudder or team obstacle course

38. Visit a trampoline park

39. Wear a bikini

40. Random acts of kindness

41. Workout

42. Go to church

43. Say ‘yes’ to a scary opportunity

44. Visit different English Heritage sites

45. Cook a new recipe

46. Surprise someone

47. Make an effort (fight the fear!) to make new friends

48. Make something creative

49. > Top secret <

50. Take more pictures

51. PB my backsquat

52. Get in a sensory deprivation tank

So, if you’re thinking about setting New Years resolutions for 2018, set some short term goals, some wee intentions and write them down. It’s not about success or failure, it’s about micro-moves in the direction you want to travel. PS. Hit me up if you want to join me in any of these! :)

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