• cressida fitzsimons

A Thank You Note

Hello and Happy October! 🎃 It's dark and cold and I'm surrounded by adverts promising Christmas comforts, warming drinks and festive fun. Gone are the days of showing skin, shaving legs (come on ladies, we all do it!) and jumping to the gym in the evening sun. (That apparently rhymes but wasn't my intention!!) To summarise, It's the dark months, winter is coming and the white walkers come in the shape of temptation and laziness! At this time, I feel the need to write a thank you note to someone who truly helps me survive these months, nay, one who actively pushes me toward my goals despite the temptation. That's not to say I don't still mess up (who doesn't?), but this certain someone makes me keen to get back on track and keep going when I do...So here we go... Knowing I get to see you at the end of each day makes getting through the day that much easier. You are the sole reason I keep on track some days! You really make me feel like I can have everything - the sweet stuff in life and the good. I love that for some strange reason you give me the most vivid dreams. I love that you're so quick to make. I love your chocolate chips, I love your oaty crunch, I love your chocolately smell and I love that you're 'on plan.' I fucking love you Casein Cookies. Seriously. 😂 What's keeping you going this month? ✌🏼


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