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Walking the walk...

It's hump day and Friday is nearing, what better way to get you through today then to read another one of my riveting blogs! You may already know from my Instagram (@noddycmf) that recently I've decided to start walking more and I hoped this would give me time to think, to fill my head with mind blowing blog ideas, to become a more wholesome, free, naturalistic, meditative.....blah blah blah What it actually did was make me aware of how sore my legs, ankles and the balls of my feet can get JUST from walking alone (?!) and well, how little I do anything on my own. Walking along without headphones (because I put them 'somewhere safe' and we all know what that means...), I found myself painfully aware of how little I spend time by myself, away from a screen of some kind and inside my head. So, here are a few things I've learnt about myself along my treks around Canterbury: 1. Ok, so I already knew this one but nothing heightens your crazy like a bit of alone time, right? I'll pretend you all agree for a semblance of sanity.. I'm always imagining the worst and looking for an escape route. I've done this since I was a child and I genuinely think it's my personal version of OCD, (lucky are those who simply like colour coordinated organisation or perfectly pointed cushions!) I however, spend a lot of my time considering what exactly could go wrong and how I could escape/fix it. When I was little this meant imagining terrible things happening because "It can't happen if I imagine it, right?! That's too ironic!" So I imagined it all... As an adult that means asking Ryan random questions in the car "What if we were falling from the sky, on a giant shell, but jumped just before you hit the ground?" As an adult walking through country lanes by myself, that means imagining if that guard dog escaped, how could I possibly get away from it? What exact steps am I going to take...? Can I take on a guard dog?! 2. Following sweetly on from point one, I'm not sure when exactly am I supposed to feel like an adult? A study in 2015, found that people didn't feel like "grown ups" until they hit 29years old, so I guess I have a couple of years left before adulthood will smack me in the face. It's not that I don't do adult things: pay my bills, clean, cook, drive, drink...blah blah blah, but if doing things alone scares me do much, then how adult can I be? 3. I hate being scared. Not doing something because it scares me isn't really a good enough excuse and I try really hard to not let that be a reason I don't do something (ps. I'm not perfect!) So I go on long walks in empty fields (where seriously, no one would hear me scream, let alone find my body for days!!), I go to exercise classes by myself and I'm the weird one smiling at everyone, making a point of saying 'hello' and talking to the instructor at the end, because if I don't, I'll be stunted by my fear and not go. Oh, and I climb over barbed wire fences because the public foot path said to go that way and I'm totally not freaking out... 4. I really like walking! It's good for you, it's a great fat burner and where I live is pretty beautiful...

Small other, less prophetic things I've learnt along my walks?

  • Don't wear perfume, the bees will follow you the entire way and you will look crazy..

  • Random cows do not appreciate you stroking them.. I didn't know cows could growl?

  • Same goes for the sheep...seriously stop trying to touch livestock...

  • Your backpack makes the sound of a dog panting while walking..it's definitely the bag..

  • You will always walk like a competent human being until someone passes you at which point you will inevitably trip over your own feet...it's just the way things are..

And why not finish with a complimentary Monty Python, Ministry of Silly Walks...

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