• cressida fitzsimons

The Great Twinkl Wellbeing Month

Good morning and happy hump day!!

As you may know, I was a teacher before embarking on my new venture and that experience has shaped a lot of who I am and the things that I think are important in this world. So this is just a short blog to point you in the direction of my GUEST BLOG (woop woop!) on the Twinkl website!

I'm so incredibly proud of having my writing posted on an international teaching resource website, one which is widely used by teachers across the world and one that I know I used religiously whilst in the profession.

There is a HUGE focus currently on student wellbeing and mental health and I can't deny, especially in the shadow on SATs and the 11+, that it is something we should be talking about BUT somewhere along the way, the wellbeing and mental health of the teachers behind all this, gets put on the metaphorical shelf!

Anywho, this is my awesome blog (if I do say so myself!) and you should totally check it out!


Also, check out Twinkl's blog on Teacher Wellbeing where you will find deals for schools this month, including classes with yours truly! Mwah!




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