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10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

It's Bank Holiday Monday and I have decided it's about time I wrote another blog! Do I have anything inspirational, mind blowing or motivational for you today? No. But do I have a comprehensive list of 10 things you perhaps don't know about me? Why yes, yes I do.

Why should I tell you these?

Good question Batman! I should tell you because: I *really* need to write something on here, I'm pretty sure I come across as quiet most of time and it's just not who I am (see first fact! 😉) and maybe, just maybe, you'll look at this and say "Chee, I need a PT in my life who can train me and talk about dinosaurs! Ah duh!"

So, let's begin!

1. I performed a pole routine to Muse's "Madness" in a pole show a few years ago.

I didn't say it was good! But I practised pole fitness and aerial hoop for 2 years before moving to Canterbury and getting into Crossfit and weightlifting.

2. I'm terrible at lying. I smile every time.

Unless I'm hiding the fact I bought you a Christmas present, I've got no hope. Lying was literally the worst thing I could do as a child and I just can't do it.

3. I don't "swear on my life" unless I'm genuinely telling the truth.

It's simple really....I swore on the life of my pet gerbil as a kid, I was lying and the gerbil died. I never swear on anyone's life!

4. I remember my dreams.

Everything. Dinosaurs chasing me, feeling perpetually dizzy, work, work, work, catching trains, tiny, zombie, skeleton t-Rex's riding stones in a river...

5. I have depression and anxiety.

Says it all really. Am I an oddity? No. Do I get out of bed every morning? Yes. Can I motivate others and function as a normal human being? Yes.

6. I'm incredibly clumsy.

The list is endless...

1) I managed to get a whole kettle of boiling water down my head and back as a kid...

2) Tripped as I ran up steps, whacked my chest and stopped breathing (v.scary!) I'm now terrified on drowning/ suffocating/ not breathing...

3) Fell in Greenwich park, showing everyone my knickers..

4) Various toe stumping incidents...

It goes on...

7. I got As in GCSE English and A Level English Literature but did a History degree.

I love History, writing, reading, analysing poetry, all that super geeky stuff...

8. I'm pretty damn open about my bodily functions - poor Ryan - full disclosure!

Yup. He...hears...everything. Plus side? Erm, I don't take pictures?!

9. I frickin' love dinosaurs and killer whales!

Literally can not get enough of them. I mean.. dinosaurs?! Killer whales?! Need I say more?!

10. I'm pretty damn determined.

I taught myself to ride a bike by going round in circles on my tiny (tiny!) garden patio. Practised kick ups every night for hours until I could do loads. Travelled 4hour round trips for university and work. Left my teaching career to become a PT...

And there you have it, 10 facts about me! How dull! Obviously, this is just a window into my oddities but I hope you enjoyed reading, think I'm awesome or think you're so much more awesome by comparison to my weirdness...

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