• cressida fitzsimons

Pit stops & Crossroads

I think life is a bit like driving a car. You're trying to hold the wheel, watch the road and analyse the map but ultimately, you have no idea if you're heading in the right direction

(where were you heading anyway?!) As much as you try to control what's going on, every so often there'll be a road block, traffic light, a punctured tyre, a wonderful diversion or an unexpected crossroads. That's not including the fact that you're freaking about being late to some milestone everyone else hit miles ago, you constantly worry if you're fuelling yourself right for the journey, every so often you stall and on top of it all, you're supposed to be enjoying this journey! . As a side note, despite my dad being a driving instructor and teaching me to drive at 17 (which I then, loved!) I've since managed to work up a fear of driving. I'm sure you couldn't tell... . Anyway, the great thing about life, is the further you get through it (that sounds oddly morbid, but stick with me!) the easier it is to look back over that journey and see how all those little roads (yes, I'm sticking to the elongated metaphor) added up to get you to where and who you are. . There are some key milestones that I really identify as significant to my journey through life and without blabbering on about them, here they are in short: . Went to a different college to all my friends=Met Ryan, my best friend and boyfriend of 11years. Had multiple bad days in job I loved, ASD coordinator=Applied to train as a teacher. Moved to Canterbury to train as teacher=Found crossfit and greater interest in fitness. Hit rock bottom=Left teaching, founded my own business in fitness industry. . This is obviously only a snap shot of the diversions I've made in life, but I'm amazed at how they all add up. I wouldn't have started Kent Buns 'N' Guns if I hadn't found crossfit and the love of fitness I have now. I wouldn't have found crossfit had I not moved to Canterbury as it's quite expensive in London. I wouldn't have moved to Canterbury had I not come here to do my teacher training. I wouldn't have left a job I loved had I not had many bad days with a rather patronising HoD. And Ryan, well he's just the star in my story - there are far too many things to mention here, that I wouldn't have done, if it weren't for him. . My favourite bit about all of this is, I thought I had completed most of the journey, with the exception of major milestones in life: kids, house, marriage, holidays, etc. No hurry!! I thought I was there. BUT, life is more complicated and more exciting then that. I've taken a diversion I never saw possible, followed a pipe dream and that feels frightening and so full of possibility! Who knows why crossroads or wonderful diversions are ahead of me but I'm pretty excited for the journey. . So I'll finish off my motorway service coffee, grab some (healthy!) snacks for the ride, put away my life map and get back on the road! (Maybe I'll start driving a bit more too?)

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