• cressida fitzsimons

The Elephant in the Room

Ok, it's time to address the elephant in the room...

Ever since I started this venture, I've been wrecked with those little negative thoughts, those worries that make you question what you are doing. The voices that say: . "But...you're not really that fit.." "You don't even have a six pack..." "There are loads of stronger people then you..." "People are totally seeing your journey & laughing/judging..." "You can't do this, just go eat something yummy and hide..."

That size 16, fuzzy haired nerd who is self consciously pulling at her tight leggings and quietly hiding at the back of the studio (before promptly realising she can't do the grape vine and walking herself out the session 10 minutes in) is still there. . The thing is, the more I think about it, the more I can't help but think that these are the EXACT thoughts that will be going through the heads of my clients. . A potential client spoke to me today about their trepidation and it reminded me that when I started doing PT sessions myself, I would (pardon my language) shit myself. No... literally, a visit to the land of porcelain for the nervous call of nature was compulsory on the eve of our sessions. . So look, I can't say I have a six pack. I can't say that I don't have bad days and I can't say that I won't stuff my face with chocolate once a month (or more?!) But what I can say is that I'm real. I really know how hard it is. . This isn't me saying "I'm not going to work on those things" (because I'm totally going to have six pack one day, ah duh!) but I do think it's important for my clients to see I have goals too and really everyone, even your trainer, has those pesky voices in their heads. Just brush those little blighters away, take a deep breathe and focus on you.

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